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Australia's Own Satellite TV System for  Motor Home and Caravan Travellers
Home Up


OUTBACK TV - Pop Up 85

OUTBACK TV is at at the forefront of Land Based Satellite TV Antennas for Motor Home and Caravan Travellers.  They now offer two models, the Standard 85cm Pop Up Antenna and the new Flat Panel Pro Max Pop Up antenna.

Both antennas are suitable for use on Motor Homes and Caravans around Australia, and are fully automatic.  Both have the ability to fold down when not in use, and then pop up, search and lock onto the correct satellite when the vehicle is stationary.  Neither antenna is suitable for a vehicle when it is moving and must be stowed away when travelling.

Pro Max is a completely new design and suitable for smaller Motor Homes and Caravans as it takes up less room on the roof due to the Flat Panel design. Requiring only 52cm of roof space for a complete 360° scan of the Sky and return to the home position.  When it is in the folded stowed position, the Pro Max is 30cm high, below roof mounted Air Conditioners.

The Pop Up 85 has a 85cm Dish and requires a large area on the roof, both when searching and is in the stowed position, but when folded in the stowed position, it is only 19cm high, 11cm lower than the Max Pro.

Both antennas have Dual Output Australian Spec LNB's, and feature fully Automatic skew control of the LNB, making them suitable for travelling without any manual changing of LNB Skew Angle. 

As the sizes and designs of Caravans and Motor homes vary a huge amount, we have decided to offer both models, as both have advantages and cover the full spectrum of Caravans and Motor homes available on the Australian Market.

The Outback TV Pro Max comes with a complete DIY Installation Kit, so it is suitable for the owner installer who like to maintain and add to his caravan or motor home himself.

As with all of our Antenna systems, we can supply everything that is needed for the complete install, including extra Antenna Cables, HDMI Cables, IR Extension Kits, as well as a range of Satellite Receivers.

All come with a full manufacturers warranty, and every antenna is tested before it is sent out to the customer, by both ourselves and Outback TV.


Outback TV brings the very best in quality, design and technology to Australia's Motorhome and Caravan Market.  
At the best value price on the Australian Market.

Using proven technology and experience from Australia's No.1 Marine Satellite TV System, Ocean TV,  Outback TV has been developed to have all the features required for the unique Australian Market.

During this development extensive research was carried out, examining what Australian Motorhome and Caravan Travellers wanted on in automatic Satellite Antenna.  As a result the Outback TV AUPU85M was developed to meet and exceed these needs.

Travel with the antenna stowed on roof of Motor Home or Caravan, on arrival press the Satellite Seek Button, and the antenna will Pop Up, rotate and lock on to the Satellite.  Zero Power is used once the Antenna has locked onto the Satellite.

When leaving the location, press the Satellite Stow Button, and the antenna will automatically fold back down and stow away. Simple and Easy operation.

Price $2375.00AUD  in GST

Designed for Motor Homes and Caravans

Region of Use All of Australia
Antenna Type Parabola
Dish Diameter 850cm

 Size Height

190mm High when Stowed
Minimum EIRP 46dbW
Construction Aluminium, Cast Alloy, Stainless Steel
Gear Box Full Worm Drive
Elevation Range 0° to 90°
AutoSkew YES
Power 12-24vDC
Watts 24w when moving
Multiple Output Standard
Aust Spec LNB Yes
LNB Dual
Features include:
  • 85cm Aluminium Dish - giving Coverage of all of Australia
  • Aluminium, Cast Alloy and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full worm drive all metal gearbox
  • Australian Spec 10.7 LO Wide Band Dual Output High Gain LNB
  • AutoSkew of the LNB no adjustments necessary Australia Wide
  • Fully Automatic Operation, with single button Search and Stow
  • Adaptive Satellite Search - Fast Satellite Acquisition
  • Software Upgrades via SD Card for new Software enhancements
  • Low 19cm Roof Profile when Stowed
  • Compatible with all Pay TV including IQ & MyStar Satellite Receivers
  • Compatible with VAST FreeView Satellite Receivers
  • Simple installation
  • Full range of Outback TV approved accessories available direct from Outback TV

85cm Pop Up Antenna - 19cm Flat when stowed away on Roof



The Pro Max Fully automatic motorised satellite TV dish system is the most advanced system on the market, utilizing the latest in flat panel antenna design. This motorised satellite system suits Pay TV and VAST satellite TV. The unit has dual LNB outputs to suit IQ Style twin tuner Sat Receivers.

The  Pro Max is very simple to use simply turn the unit on and the built in GPS system will locate your required satellite very fast. Another great benefit of having a built in GPS system is that if you forget to return the unit to the home position or haven’t wired the vehicle ignition wire to the Pro Max, the motorised dish will automatically retract once the vehicle is travelling above 10Kph (the unit does require 12v or 24v power).

Flat panel satellite antennas also take up a great deal less space on the roof of your van leaving you with more choices for the exact location on your roof in between solar panels and air conditioners. Flat panel satellite TV antennas offer higher signal gain than equivalent size offset satellite TV dishes. The Pro Max moves on 3 axis meaning the old days of having to manually get up on the roof of the van to adjust LNB skew (turning the LNB clockwise or anti clockwise) when you are travelling from say Melbourne across to Adelaide and then to Perth are gone. The complete head of the antenna simply adjust automatically for you. Automatic skew will also improve the signal quality to assist you further.

The Pro Max is precision made for Harsh Australian conditions, it is rugged in construction with all main drive gears being metal for long life. The unit is backed with a 3 year Australian warranty.

The Pro Max comes with detailed instructions for self installation or we recommend an installer for you nearby to your location, just give us a call or SatelliteTV4Boats by email.


  • Fully automatic self aligning
  • Pre-Programmed to receive VAST and Pay TV
  • Flat panel design offers compact size with big performance
  • Dual output LNB as standard to suit twin tuner STB’s
  • Built in GPS to find satellites fast
  • Last position memory to save on search times
  • Suitable for Caravan, motorhome, motor vehicle and camping use
  • Automatic retraction upon vehicle start up or you exceed 10KPH
  • Automatic LNB skew
  • Powerful DC motor with metal gears
  • Can be self installed, detailed instructions and roof mount included
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Made for harsh Australian conditions

                             Price : $2875.00 incl GST


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Last modified: 01/29/17