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VAST Satellite Receivers

What Is VAST?

The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, or VAST, is a satellite television platform in Australia, providing Free to Air digital television and radio services to remote, black spot areas and traveling customers, using the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites. It is ideal for use by Marine and Caravan/RV Customers who want crystal clear television and do not wish to have Pay TV.

VAST is partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television. It is a replacement for the Optus Aurora service and provides channels which have been absent on free-to-view satellite until now, such as a Network Ten affiliate, and the digital multichannels. Viewers accessing the service must use a VAST certified satellite decoder/receiver (set-top box) and smart card, and go through the necessary application process.


Satellite TV 4 Boats has tested and used the full range of VAST Free to Air Receivers on the market today, and have settled on the following brand and model. We feel they offer the most featured and are suited for us on boats of all sizes.

UEC - RV VAST Receiver

The UEC DSD 4921 RV is a “Next Generation” VAST™ Certified, Twin Tuner, High Definition, Digital Satellite Set Top Box. This product is packed with new technology, features and accessories, making it ideal for both the traveller and standard in home installation.

The twin tuner configuration, plus suitable recording device, (not included) allows support for PVR functionality.

UEC’s market leading hardware and software ensure the receiver is ‘future proof’ through using latest technology and over the air software upgrade. The hardware is designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment that recreational vehicles are likely to experience including high temperatures, DC over voltage, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

All of these class leading features are housed in the smallest VAST™ receiver on the market, making it the perfect solution for Caravan and RV enthusiasts wanting to watch and record their favorite programs whilst traveling.

Each DSD 4921 RV product is supplied with: 240V AC wall mount power supply, 12V DC power cord & Aux connector for easy RV installation, HDMI plus 3x RCA Audio/Video cables, high quality remote control and tv EYE™ extender for installation into units or cabinets.

The DSD 4921 RV is Hybrid Broadband TV (HbbTV) ready with all key software features to support Freeview Plus once available on the VAST™ platform.


  • VAST™ Certified with over the air software upgrade for future features.
  • Smallest VAST™ Certified Set Top Box on the market, ideal for Boat, Caravan and RV enthusiasts.
  • Market leading performance with simple installation wizard, fast channel change.
  • Twin Tuner hardware supporting PVR ready functionality to ensure you never miss your favourite show whilst incorporating future proof Uni-cable LNB technology (single cable).
  • Market leading Technology and Software packed with features to make the setup, viewing and operation as easy and intuitive as possible.
  • Ruggedised design and construction to suit the harsh Australian environment with several built-in features to protect your device when connected to 240V mains, Generators or 12V DC battery installations.
  • Extensive and included accessories pack for the DIY home installer or the Caravan/RV enthusiast.
  • Low power consumption for 12V DC installation and Australian MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) compliant ensuring we are environmentally responsible.


Satellite TV 4 Boats always has stock of VAST Receivers

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Last modified: 05/11/19